Do not fall into the temptation of Devil.


◼️The Battle Against sexual Immoral Forces:

Do you know that the spirit of masturbation is stronger and more wicked than the spirit of fornication?

Which is why a lot of people that have stopped fornication find it hard to stop masturbation, they see themselves going back to it, it is the wicked spirit.

I will begin by sharing a testimony of one of the victim of last year’s Online coaching Participant. He is an overcomer….

He wrote and said…. ✍🏻

◼️I am the first surviving child of my parents who endured several years of barrenness!

◼️I was extremely intelligent such that some of teachers and headmasters would have to follow me home to know my parents in my remotest village!

I was first introduced into masturbation when I was in primary school while reading. I did it with the chair.

I did it for some years and forgot about it. I lost my first position in the class at secondary School.

While struggling like everybody When I knew was actually framed differently!

I didn’t discover the cause as it were, since I was still within the first unit, but I was seriously struggling to survive academically!

▫️I was spiritually attacked with blindnes while writing my senior school certificate examination (SSCE) a situation that remained with me for two good years!

All this while I wasn’t a habitual masturbator since I could stay for months before I returned to it. Again, I was not doing it with any picture in mind!

▫️I became very a good Christian in the search for my lost sight! After which I became a strong evangelist

▫️When I regained my sight, I pleaded with God to grant me admission to the most prestigious University then in Nigeria, and I would give it back to Him!

God granted me my heart desire but I failed Him! And failed! 😭😢

▫️In my first year in tertiary institution, all my courses were excellent!

This attracted male and female friends to me but I wasn’t interested in any female friends. I narrowly escaped rape from female friends!

By this time, I have practically forgotten everything about masturbation.

▫️ In the process of time, a female evangelist enquired about how I was coping without a girlfriend!

I told her I endured every feeling, she then reintroduce me to this snare!

Then, I doubled it viewing of pornographic materials and visualization of beautiful girls in campus!

▫️My scores dropped. Though was still an “A” student but I started struggling! I never knew what was wrong!

I completed my University education though with fly colours, I was assumed and everybody around me saw me as a continent!

▫️At 27 I was exposed to fornication!

I got married, I was still fully a masturbator!

◼️I left drinking 🍻 , I left womanizing but I was still masturbating

I prayed , I fasted I went for several days and nights without food, water, fruits but sometimes, I would break my fasting masturbation 😭

◼️People around me saw me as a saint, Holy even next to the Holy Spirit but yours sincerely, was wallowing in pornography and masturbation!

Who delivered me?, I cried, I cried!!! 😢

◼️I eventually got ladies who were deeply rooted in the acts! Then I knew I was not going to come of this dudgeon!

◼️By and by, I changed my church, the consequences of my actions became clearer! Every day , my pastor would list all the sins including masturbation

◼️Like a joke, like a joke, I wasn’t keeping those pornographic videos and pictures in my phone again.

I changed my friends as well , focused more on the word!

I started setting spiritual targets for myself, before you know it, I became a thing of past!


Another Victim, (a sister) wrote and said…… ✍🏻

Here is my short life Epistle in 18years battle with masturbation.

The youthful sin committed by Born Again young is Masturbation. This is like injecting poison which kill “Spiritual life”

And many youth swore and promise to stop it But they ended into spiritual death…

One thing bear it in your is masturbation is a lift to Hell 🔥 of born again young men. This is because many of them fail to confess it publically.

I received Christ Jesus in 2007, and it was the same year which i practiced much masturbation without somebody taught me.

First of all masturbation develops a habit and this habit it always discourage the capability of thinking 🧠 as a result you become a slave ,

…..that’s why after masturbate you always start complaining, sometimes you even swear that you shall never do it again.

But because of the spiritual bondage you have do it again and again.

I visited different pastors and teachers and friend who are born again, but wonderful enough, I didn’t overcome this evil habit despite of all advisement from my spiritual leaders.

It was a very great danger journey which affected much my spiritual status and healthy.

Masturbation always removes your position insight of God and it destroys your faithful before God.

It’s a long story but let me make it short…explaining how I overcame this devilish behaviour.

One day I made my decision…Soon after finishing reading my bible, on Hebrew 6:4-7.

It’s where I felt sorry for my self, I made strong decision in my mind that Whether God will or not forgive me…I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN.

You can see first of all I made my decision with the help of the word of God.

Other thing is I joined many christian Whatsapp groupsand on Facebook, where I could see and learn others experience on how they did overcame it.

Though it was not easy, I even quit staying or playing alone, since this habit grow powerful especially when you are alone.

It is secretal issue, but i tried my level best to tell some of my friends about what am going through….it always made me shameful, this method also has helped me since I was open to tell others.

Next is Prayer…🙌🏻

I invested much in prayers, till now day and night I pray fasting and normal prayer, frequent reading the Word 📖 of God untill now, this have been source of my friend.

THE Great Things I Want To Remind You Is….

◼️Make strong decision

◼️Be ready to tell someone who can help you and be open always.

Masturbation hates public and it loves secrets, when you put it in publicly you automatically kill it…💪

◼️ Make fasting and normal prayers as your habit and Not a Timetable.

▫️Stop wasting time in the demonic environment like bars 🍻 , stop spending too much on internet especially night times, video show places, listening and watching Western secular music.

Also stop The Habit Of Staying Alone While Touching Your Secrets Parts especially in the place like bedroom and washing rooms.

Just make a step…..🚶

Many Christian’s fail because they need God to take a step of them, please…stand up and rise and Christ Jesus shall shine upon You!!.

Just to make it short, now am overcomer… Am really enjoying the life of Victory I’m Christ Jesus.

You can’t believe, I hate it (masturbation) even if I hear somebody is talking about it…..God bless You All 🙌🏻

❌ Let Stop Here!


Demons try to gain entrance into the lives of people from a tender age. Because it is at that age a person is most vulnerable (due to the innocence and gullibility of being a child).

When they (demons) have tried their best and cannot get a person at that tender age, they will bombard such person(s) with attacks.

Even if a person comes from a family where Mother, Father and Siblings are all into witchcraft, that person can never be initiated if they have the anointing of God on their head.

So, in anger and desperation, demons, as well as the witches and wizards in the family, will go to any length to maim the person’s life and make them suffer and lose out in areas where they should have been blessed.

But that is all they can do; the anointing will still remain.

Though the person might go through lots of hardship, if that person draws close to God, they will come out of it and realize their calling.

Satan monitors every true child of God with the help of his demons.

▫️He knows their desires;
▫️He knows their weaknesses.

And if there is no initial weakness, he will try to corrupt them through sexual immoral exposure (usually from childhood) so that a door becomes open for demons to thrive.

In most cases, he will assign girls to a young prophet (growing minister).

A young prophet might not realize that out of all his lady friends, 70% are indeed witches. And they all work together in a bid to ensnare the young man.

…..And among these girls are two types.

1️⃣ The Wild & Adventurous One.

2️⃣ The Innocent Church-goer Girl.

This is a two-way strategy to get into the heart of a young minister and make him fall.

If the young Minister has not reached the path where he takes God REALLY seriously, then he would be very prone to SEX/FORNICATION Or MASTURBATION.

In this case, the wild & adventurous girl is used to go after him.

She befriends him, and in the end, sleeps with him to take out that light 💡 God placed within him.

This case reminds me of Samson and Delilah.

Samson knew he was special. He had great strength as most people have spiritually. But a little weakness was a wide-open door for the enemy to come in. And that was enough for the enemy to get him through Delilah.

We all know that story. You can read it in the book of Judges 16.

Just to add……✍🏻

The type of girl usually sent to the young prophet or ministers comes from the water.


A marine agent 🧜‍♀️ from the water has one they draw their strength from, who they generally call “Mother” or “Mother goddess” (though the spirit has a name).

They share a coven and are bonded with one another (other marine agents & their goddess).

To have an agreement with one (maybe by sex) is to have an agreement with all.

So, if a person sleeps with a marine agent, it is an automatic gateway for the coven (all of them) to come in and attack that person.

Marine agents usually use mirrors in their kingdom to watch a person and to project an attack too. But SEX is their ultimate weapon.

In the physical world, they could appear as serious church-goers, or mobile prostitutes. And they’re usually into lesbianism too, to ensnare women also.

◼️They usually sleep with their feet crossed on the bed, or with their leg(s) hanging on the wall.

◼️They have hand signs they make which is secret to them.

And they have great bitterness for happily married couples 👫 .

They hate marriage a lot. I could go on describing them, but i believe we get the picture.


If you attack them, they will gang up with their members to fight back.

The best way to attack is….

◾ To attack their goddess,
◾Their mirrors, and
◾Their waters using the blood of Jesus and the Sword of the Holy Ghost.


2️⃣The Church goer girl-

The enemy knows that if he can’t get you in his playground (because you’re not present there), he’ll come to yours and try to trick you that he’s a part of your team.

He has planted so many of his agents in the church ⛪ so that there will be no hiding place for the children of God.

This includes males and females. This whole topic refers to men and women.

The church-goer girl (could still be from the marine) would appear to be shy at first or would appear to be very kind and humble.

◽She would present herself as someone who loves the Lord so much.

◽She does all this for her target to notice her and draw close to her.

And with time, she and that child of God would become friends and from there it’s either sex happens, or marriage happens.

Either way, she traps this person in a snare if they don’t realize the danger on time.

A child of God needs to be really careful about who they keep as friends and who they plan to engage or marry. The enemy hides within these two circles of life.


▫️Friendship defines Lifestyle.
▫️And marriage begets Family.

Ladies must be really careful about their friends, especially their female friends.

When you have a female friend who makes funny gestures at you and begins to talk to you in a romantic way, or maybe even kisses or pecks you, please don’t see it as a girl-code thing.

You will be drawn gradually into lesbianism before you can realize what’s happening.

The enemy is on a serious mission to corrupt our God-nature entirely.

He will do all he can to spoil the order of nature that God has ordained. And his target is mankind (us).

For example; where God has ordained marriage/sex between man and woman, satan will come to pervert it and make it between man and man, woman and woman, woman & animal etc.

Whatever defines a God-attribute, satan intends to corrupt it.

If God says “Thou shalt worship no other but the Lord your God”, satan knows he cannot tell you outrightly not to worship God, so he distracts your attention from God and makes you focus more on other things besides God, like ‘how to get money’, ‘your career’ and ‘material things’.

As you worship these things, you worship satan and not God.

So satan wants you to live a life of unholiness, which rejects God.

Our God-Nature is centered on three basic aspects which is: LIFESTYLE, MARRIAGE & FAMILY:

1️⃣ Worship your MAKER and Him alone. Live a life that pleases your Maker (God). Be holy as He is. (1Peter 1:16) LIFESTYLE

2️⃣ Sex is created for marriage alone (don’t attempt it if unmarried & don’t attempt with another who is not your spouse), and is only between Man and woman.

3️⃣ Bring up your children in the ways of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6).


These are the pillars of the church in a NATION. And the gates of hell can never overcome such.

These are the three areas by which Satan and his cohorts attack God’s people. Lifestyle, Marriage & Family.

When you have worldly friends around you, it takes your attention away from family and God.

Such friends can influence your lifestyle (drinking, smoking, partying, Masturbation, fornication/adultery.. you name it) to become really bad.

This then eats up the life of the FAMILY, which is the pillar of the CHURCH in a NATION.

…. If a person marries wrong, the FAMILY will not become what God wants it to be.


…… If something is wrong in the family, something will be wrong with the church, because they are entwined.

In these last days where sin is greatly exalted, we as God’s people need to be careful and flee from Sexual sin.

We must understand the tactics of our enemy and stand firmly on the ROCK (Jesus).

Every true child of God is constantly monitored and there are people who are satanic agents around us, in the church and outside the church. Discernment is needed to know who is who within the body of Christ.

◼️Do not follow any man, but instead follow God.
◼️Guard your heart.
◼️Be close to God because we are in perilous times.


The enemy has been pursuing me strongly lately. But God has given me the grace to overcome. We all have that grace to overcome.

If you have a weakness such as masturbation, or fear etc.

You have to face it, face to face, you have the power to overcome that giant. Because if you don’t kill that giant it would kill you…🤷🏻‍♂️

I remember when the Lord used to talk to me about my sins in the past, when i was in masturbation.

I was in a dream at one time. The trumpet had blown 🎺 and rapture was taking place.

I knew it, i heard the trumpet. But i was too deep in sin, and i didn’t care. I was busy at that very hour Masturbating.

At another time i saw myself as a slave to satan. Satan was on a throne, and i and some people came to pay homage before him.

Though i wasn’t happy, i was forced to kneel because i was a slave.

A slave to sin means a slave to satan. Sin (masturbation ) was killing me and i needed a way-out ASAP.

I was warned constantly of my backsliding, but i wasn’t taking God seriously.

The sins were just too sweet to abandon. I mean how could i just stop masturbating?

It was too sweet to me then, i knew it was very wrong and it was killing me like a sweet rash.

You keep scratching the rash because it’s very sweet, though your skin is peeling off and turning red. That was how masturbation was to me.

And how could i just delete all the pornography videos on my phone and laptop 💻?

They were like trophies to me. I cherished them so much that even if i deleted them, i found myself going back to download them all over again, the next day.

Don’t get me started on the hip-hop, R &B, rap and other secular music. You want me to delete almost a decade’s collection of great music i had gotten from different sources?

All this was extremely difficult for me. But all these were lies.

▫️I thought i needed them.
▫️ I thought I was dependent on them.

It was the flesh that depended on them, not the spirit. The spirit depends on God.

It took a decision and true repentance to break out of that prison. It was by God’s grace i came out.

And in return, Am standing here with you guys, to always share His message and expose the workings of Satan.

My Brothers and Sisters…These are the other ways demons come in. And we all know what happens when we let them in. So please, don’t let them in.

I Drop My Pen Here….. ✍️

This WhatsApp Platform was created to deliver victim of sexual immoralities (Masturbation & Porn Addict) from captivities

If you are a victim or had been struggling to uphold sexual purity…. Kindly Chat up “Evang Elizabeth Emmanuel” ( +2348153748826

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