Walk in holiness.



Just as Mount Esau and Mount Seir are metaphors for Edom, Mount Zion is a metaphor for Israel, specifically Jerusalem. The term “holy” means “set apart,” often applied to the nation of Israel. Instead of being scattered, Israel is prophesied to finally take back her Promised Land. “The house of Jacob” is another reference to Israel.
But we are looking at it a different way this moment, the Bible says upon mount Zion there shall be deliverance and holiness and the house of Jacob shall possess their possession
(1). As we all know that we are in a wicked world where darkness as taking over 90% of the world, but in the midst of this wickedness, God has giving us a way out for survival through the holy scripture, the Bible made emphasis on deliverance and holiness, that is to say deliverance and holiness is more important for every Christian life, the devil and his cohorts does not want us to please God, but rather displeasing him, the devil has been looking and mapping out several ways in which he can use to terminate the connection between God and man, more importantly I want you to know that you can never be holy without you been delivered, the first workforce of the devil is to make us defiled, and anyone who is defiled cannot dwell in Gods presence, as the scriptures lay emphasis that holiness without which no man shall see the lord,
As we know anyone who is defiled is definitely unholy,
(2). You can’t possess your possessions without you been delivered anyone who is in the custody of darkness and prays to God for possession will not see the results of his/her prayer and if eventually you see the result of your prayer you’ll not be opportune to utilize your possession, the answers to your prayer will be hijacked by darkness, and your possession will be in their custody, this as really affected a lot of Christians life and homes, lots of marriage has been terminated all because before the couple venture into marriage they don’t undergo deliverance in a God designated place, and they venture into marriage without undergoing deliverance, all of a sudden they would realize 1st and 2nd year they can’t both live together, all because they failed in the area of deliverance and the fruits and possessions of their marriage has been hijacked and is also under the control of darkness
(3). If you’re not delivered instead of you to possess your possession, you’ll be undergoing severe oppression, the reason is because both you and your possession are in the custody of darkness.
For instance a man in the custody of the police men has no access to his possession or properties, so many lives are in spiritual slavery, some in spiritual exile while some has been relegated into the dustbin of life.
Mind you, possessing your possession can pave way for another mans possession,
Likewise your salvation can pave way for another mans salvation
This is why deliverance and holiness is important without which no man shall see the lord.
And the greatest possession a man can possess is heaven,
And it’s when you are been delivered and holy that’s when it can be possessed.
Do not forget holiness is one of God’s condition for dwelling with him,
The Holy Spirit gave me some vital understanding concerning deliverance, he said to me, as food is important to our daily life so also is deliverance important to our day to day life, you as a Christian needs to be conducting deliverance for yourself on a daily basis, pertaining to this understanding and insight the Holy Spirit gave me, we must conduct deliverance to every part of our body, most especially the central organ of the human system which is the brain.
More Importantly our primary organ of our circulatory system, which is the heart because it’s the organ that pumps blood through our body, so if we are talking on possession, YOUR MARRIAGE CAN BE A POSSESSION, HEAVEN IS A POSSESSION, do you know, a wrong marriage that has no possession is hell on earth, likewise if you don’t possess heavenly possessions and heaven itself, it’s hell eternally.


  1. Lord Jesus deliver me and my possession from the custody and influence of darkness
  2. Powers prolonging my possession die and be destroyed in the name of Jesus
  3. Oh God arise, Restore back unto me my lost possessions

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