Restoration of lost dignity

🚦RESTORATION OF LOST DIGNITY: ▪️The spirit Of Jezebel In The Church ……..Many has lost their dignity even without their knowledge — Dignity is honor, pride and respect of human. Dignity differentiate man from animal… its God’s glory and many had traded theirs for a peanut. You attend night vigil, preach on social media and your … Read moreRestoration of lost dignity

Walk in holiness.

DELIVERANCE AND HOLINESSOBADIAH 1vs17Topic: DELIVERANCE TO POSSESS YOUR POSSESSION CAREFULLY TAKE YOUR TIME TO READ,MEDITATE AND PRAY…. Just as Mount Esau and Mount Seir are metaphors for Edom, Mount Zion is a metaphor for Israel, specifically Jerusalem. The term “holy” means “set apart,” often applied to the nation of Israel. Instead of being scattered, Israel … Read moreWalk in holiness.

Not is the time to repent. Satan’s last bullets for this end time 🤔1.Forgetfulness2.Ignorance3.Immorality(fornication and adultery)4.Men pleasers5.Wickedness6.Hatred7.prayerlessness8.Fraud9.Worldly dressing(Deut.22:5)10.Cheating11.grudge13.Unthankful Hypocritical godliness without Power15.Canality16.Business Unforgiveness Disunity and doctrinal differences Self glory seeking Lust Lack of reading of the scriptures. Scriptural misunderstanding Evangelism = 0. 👉This and many more infiltrate Christians today that we don’t see the Glory … Read more